[Review] DEWALT’s Tough System 2.0 Thoroughly Reviewed! Comparison and compatibility with the old system.



Hi, I’m Mena (@menachite),a hybrid engineer who does both mechanical and electrical work.

It has been a year since I purchased my first Tough System.

The original Tough System also proved useful, so we decided to incorporate a toolbox with new features.

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While researching DEWALT toolboxes, I found that a series called Tough System 2.0 was released by DEWALT.

It has existed for quite some time, but it was not available in Japan, so I had to pass it up.
This time, I wanted a tool box with a drawer function, so I bought a Tough System 2.0 2-drawer.
What is the difference?
I would like to resolve such questions as “Is Tough System 2.0 compatible with the first Tough System? In conclusion, it is indeed a good toolbox with increased power from the past. However, if you have the first generation Tough System, do you need to actively buy a new one? If you ask me, the answer is no. In some cases, the first generation is better.
In some cases, the first generation is superior, and there are some points that have been downgraded in the new series, so I will explain.


How was the originally highly complete and military-standard-looking toolbox upgraded? We’ll examine it thoroughly!


Tough System 2.0 Series Product Specs

DEWALT’s Tough System 2.0 repertoire has grown in variety and chaos, including the first generation, so we will review the Tough System 2.0 products in order.

There is also a spec comparison chart between the original Tough System and Tough System 2.0 for reference.

Small tool box

Small tool boxTough System 2.0First Tough System
Inside (mm)H117×L300×W490H105×L282×W485
Endurable weight50kg(ハンドル)30kg

Review & Comparison with the original Tough System

This is the smallest toolbox in the Tough System.

Compared to the first generation, the weight is up 200g, but the overall size is also slightly larger.
The storage capacity has also increased, as the internal dimensions are wider.

The first generation

As for the inside mechanism, the first generation had a storage space on the back of the lid. However, in the Tough System 2.0, that storage space has been eliminated and an inner box is attached instead.

Whether this is considered good or bad depends on the user, so those who want a back cover should use the first series. If you want a storage box, you may want to use the Tough System 2.0.

Medium toolbox

Medium toolboxTough System 2.0First Tough System
Inside (mm)H254×L300×W490H230×L275×W490

Review & Comparison with the original Tough System

The inside of the box is a convenient size for carrying around.
This one also has more storage capacity than the first generation and is about a size larger.

I have a whole box of Makita rechargeable screwdrivers and a whole box of parts boxes.
I still have room for an extension cord or something.

The tray inside is removable for convenience.
The first generation Tough System had a tray that was the full width of the box, but this new box comes with a tray that is about half the width of the box, so it is easier to use this one when taking it out.
Also, there is the advantage that the tray does not interfere with the storage of tall tools.

The previous included tray was a bit too large, which was convenient for carrying large tools, but had the disadvantage of getting in the way when working in a space without that much room.

Large tool box

Toolbox (Large)Tough System 2.0First Tough System
Inside (mm)H352×L300×W490H330×L280×W490

Review & comparison with the first tough system

This is also almost the same as the middle box.

but one point worth mentioning is that it weighs less than the original Tough System.

Perhaps the ingenuity of the shape has made it possible to guarantee durability.

The depth of the box allows a Makita rechargeable drill to be stored in the entire box.

It also comes with a tray as well.

Incidentally, the TSTAK series recently came out with a tough case. It is a storage monster that can also hold the largest size box of the TSTAK series. Wow!

2 drawer

Two drawerTough System 2.0


The two-stage drawer, which was long out of print in the original Tough System, was revived in Tough System 2.0 and I immediately jumped on it. This thing is good

The drawers are quite smooth and secure, and they click shut and do not open.
The depth of both the top and bottom drawers is about 100mm, deep enough to hold power tools.

Originally, the reason I decided to buy this drawer was to store my Konan parts box… it didn’t work! (Tears)


It should have fit the inside dimensions, but the reason why it didn’t is because the drawer handles protruded inward.

We have given up storing these boxes and now store supplies, etc. in the upper section and the drill and cutter boxes in the lower section.

Stores a Makita rechargeable drill.
Stores tough cases

The drawers are waterproofed with rubber gaskets.
This waterproof measure is used in all series, which shows DEWALT’s extraordinary commitment to weatherproofing.

Here’s a change common to all Tough System 2.0 toolboxes!

The following is a summary of common points that have changed from the original Tough System to Tough System 2.0.
Please check out the unexpected points that have changed.

Lid locking mechanism changed.

The locking mechanism has been changed from the previous metal buckle system to a wire lock system.

At first I thought it was a cost-cutting measure? I thought it was, but in fact, when I used it, it locked securely and was as strong as a buckle.

Toolboxes are now easier to connect.

This is the main feature that determines whether or not to use Tough System 2.0.

In the first generation, it was necessary to manually lock each side of the tool box, which was somewhat time consuming.

The Tough System 2.0 locks easily when the tool box is placed on top of the tool box, replacing the method of securing one side of the tool box at a time.
The latch can now be easily removed by pushing the latch by hand to hold the release.

I think only people who have used the first generation of this system will understand this, but it was very hard to install and remove, and it was a very stressful experience.
Tough System 2.0 is really easy and effortless.

The texture is even better.

The texture has also been improved.
The first generation had the feel of engineering plastic as it was formed. I liked it because it had a rugged, American feel to it, but….

The exterior finish of Tough System 2.0 is matte, transparent, and very beautiful.
The difference in texture is highlighted when the Tough System 2.0 is stacked on top of the Tough System 2.0 of a different generation.

Top is first generation, bottom is 2.0

The first generation looks a bit crusty and dry, but the 2.0 has a glossy texture that gives it a luxurious feel.
This was a pleasant point for me.

The anti-theft lock used on the system carrier has been eliminated.

The Tough System series includes a product called System Carrier.
The first Tuff System had a locking mechanism for the system carrier on the tool box, which allowed locking of the system carrier and the tool box.

So the toolbox could not be stolen unless the entire system carrier was taken.

Locking the door prevented theft.
Below is Tough System 2.0, which no longer has a locking bracket.

It is unfortunate that Tough System 2.0 no longer has the locking mechanism used in the system carrier.

The leak valve has been eliminated and can be connected to a half-size tool box.

The Tough System series has rubber gaskets on the edges as a waterproof measure, so the lid may not open if it is closed and goes to a place where the air pressure is different.

The original Tough System had a leak valve as its air release function. When twisted, the valve would release the air inside.

Tough System 2.0 latches to allow docking with half-size toolboxes.

Well, I’ve never used a leak valve in all the years I’ve been using the Tuff System toolbox, so unless you are a person who does a lot of mountain climbing or interstate travel, your use of this feature will be very limited.

The half-size tool box may indeed be more useful since the organizer is from the same series.

Incidentally, even with this latch in the standing position, it can be connected to a regular size tool box.

Compatibility of the first Tough System and Tough System 2.0

The first Tough System and Tough System 2.0 are basically compatible.

but there are some points that are not compatible with the first tough system in places, so I will explain them.

Half-size tool box cannot be installed on the first Tough System

Half-size organizers exist in Tough System 2.0. For installation, the middle fixing latch must be stood up.

However, the first generation Tough System cannot be installed because that part is a leak valve.

System carriers can be old or new

The system carrier is mounted by hooking the handles on both sides of the tool box, but there is no major difference in the shape of the handles between the old and new carriers, so it can be mounted without any problem.

Toolboxes can be connected to each other, but there are problems

Toolboxes can be docked and connected to each other, new and old toolboxes can be connected to each other.

First Tough System below 
Tough System 2.0 below

Either one can be used on top without any problem, so if you already have the first Tough System, you can put Tough System 2.0 on the bottom and it will do a good job by making it easier to get the first one.

There is one problem: If you put the Tough System 2.0 down, there will be a little gap between the Tough System 2.0 and the Tough System 1 due to the height of the new latch mechanism.

You can lift it, but it deflects when the load is unbalanced.

This is a disappointing point that makes me wonder if we can’t do something about this.

Tough System 2.0 is below, there’s a big gap between the toolboxes.


The Tough System 2.0 series was certainly more powerful with increased storage capacity.

Especially since the commercialization of the two-tier drawer has been eagerly awaited by all DEWALT devotees!

However, the elimination of the anti-theft lock with the system carrier was a personal blow.

This alone is worth choosing the first generation. Tough systems are vulnerable to theft.

I would like to see a locking mechanism sold, even if it can be retrofitted!

If you are interested in this product, check it out, as it feels like a very good toolbox on its own, including expandability and texture.

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