[Review] The new “Tough Case” in the TSTAK series is a transformative accessory case and is thoroughly explained.



Hi, I’m Mena (@menachite),a hybrid engineer who does both mechanical and electrical work.

Tools are easy to organize, but consumables are hard to organize.

Crimping terminals and tooth picks, for example, tend to get lost in a mess without being organized.

Today, we would like to introduce a new parts box that can organize all such consumables.

That is the “TOUGH CASE+”.

Originally, there was a series of toolboxes called TSTAK, produced by DeWALT, and this product seems to have been created as a derivative of that series.

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【レビュー】取り回し特化の工具箱「DEWALTのTSTAK」の収納システムを解説。 | MENATECH どうも、 機械と電気の両方をこなすハイブリッドエンジニア、メナ(@menachite)です。 今日は前々から気になっていた工具箱、DEWALTのTSTAKシリーズを徹底レビューしていき...

I am also a weak electrical contractor , and in this industry, one manufacturer’s product limits the selection of parts boxes.

That is… NICHIFU Corporation.

The crimp terminals that this company offers come with a small box to put them in, and finding a parts box that goes well with them is a must for weak electrical workers.

Although we are focusing on weak electricians, this organizer is an organizer that we recommend for any type of work.


In this article, we will review the product, answering the question, “Is it safe for electricians to use? I will review the product while answering the question, “Is it safe for electricians to use?


Product Specs

There are a total of four TuffCase series out there.

All of them are connectable organizers.
TuffCase is made with portability in mind, so it is really easy to bring it into the field.

This product just came out, so there are different accessories for the same product.
Basically, it comes with or without the bulk case and bit holder that we will introduce later, so as long as you keep that in mind, you should be fine.

The sturdiness of the product is also fine, and although it is not officially recommended, it can withstand being ridden by a person.

Bulk tough case

Bulk tough caseTOUGH CASE+

Impressions of use

This is how it looks like in size when placed in your hand.

It contains a small divider. It is unfortunate that you cannot choose the location of the divider.

This bulk case fits snugly into all TuffCase cases.

The problem is that it fits too snugly and is a little difficult to remove.

Bulk case attached to Tuffcase Small

As for the loading capacity for each case, up to 4 pieces can be installed in the small case, 4 pieces in the medium case, and 15 pieces in the large case.
I am not convinced that the small and medium cases have the same loading capacity, but the small case is a little thicker and can be attached to the back of the lid.
Note that the medium and large cases are not designed to be attached to the back of the lid.

Frankly, I found this case to be very limited in its use. This is due to the small loading capacity and the fact that you cannot choose the position of the dividers.
There are many situations where I think it would be better to use the dividers rather than bother fitting this case.
The other series of tough cases themselves are small, and it is not that difficult to take them out.
However, it might be good for storing small parts that are used for purposes that you would consider taking out of the case.

It is also highly recommended for storing small items that you never want to mix with other parts.


I store supplies that I use infrequently but want to take out and use occasionally.

Tough Case (Small)

Tough Case (Small)TOUGH CASE+
Inside (mm)
Endurable weight

Impressions of use

The Tough Case (small) is an excellent tool for storing bits and bobs.
I am really glad I bought this case.
It’s a great feeling to be able to store bits so neatly.
It is a case that gives bits that used to be used tools a brand new look.

Isn’t this cleanliness amazing?
I have a fetish for organization, and this organizer really sticks out to me.

There are two types of this bit holder.
The small bit holder can hold small mini bits vertically or at an angle.
The slightly larger bit holder holds long bits securely.

However, the fit is so good that you really need to use radio pliers to remove it.


This series is surprisingly precise in its fitting.

Tough case (medium)

Tough case (medium)TOUGH CASE+
Size (mm)L178×W265×H40
Inside (mm)
Endurable weight

Impressions of use

Toughcase (medium) is thinner and less thick than Toughcase (small). Therefore, the dividers fit and function perfectly.
As for the point of use, we felt that the Tough Case (Medium) is better suited for consumables other than bits.

I have the impression that the Tough Case is firmly separated from other Tough Cases.

Drill-related consumables
Isn’t the fit of the Nitif’s small box exquisite?

I store all my drill-related supplies in one place.
There is no need to use the bulk case here at all (laugh).

The other side holds a small box of Nichifs. It holds a maximum of 8 boxes.
Not much space is for long electric parts.
Only Toughcase (middle) can change the location of the middle divider. This is the point of this case that you can use it in this way.

Compared with Nichifs small box

There is another larger size of Nichifs small box, but the lid of that type will not close due to its height.


It’s so close!!!! (tears of blood)

Tough Case (Large)

Tough Case (Large)TOUGH CASE+
品番DT70804-QZ / DT70839-QZ(仕切りのみ)
Endurable weight

Impressions of use

This case is, in a word, the biggest and the strongest.
It is thick enough to hold most things without difficulty.

It is also large enough to hold a hole saw of a certain size.
The divider has a special one that can be used only with Tough Case (Large), so it prevents small items from going into the side of the case.

It is the largest size, so it can hold a lot of things.
It can hold 48 small Nichifuku small boxes and 21 large ones.
It is a monster.

The locking mechanism is a common latch type, but there is a latch on the lid so that the cases (inside) can be connected.

One of the not-so-good points is that the entire box tilts when the lid is opened.
This is due to a problem in the connection mechanism with the TSTAK, and the feet are installed in the middle of the box.
I think this is quite an important problem.


It’s not unusable, but it’s plain stressful.

It is also the largest size, so I store it in a Tough System series case.
I don’t use TSTAK, so I basically store it in this case.

I ended up with a stock box that holds a large number of small Nichifs boxes.

This storage capacity is very reliable.

Size Comparison

Size comparison in each series

When each series is stacked, it looks like this.

Tough Case (Large) is about twice as large, so be careful how you handle it.

Compared with rival parts box “Konan’s Parts Box

The Konan parts box is a fairly good and inexpensive parts box that works well with Nichif.
It has storage on both sides and can hold about 30 small NICHIFU boxes in the small size and 12 in the large size.

The reason I switched from that parts box was simply because it was a hassle to open it front to back and take out Nichifs boxes, and I couldn’t fit a large number of large Nichifs boxes in it.

Here is a size comparison.

The thickness is also slightly thinner, so considering the compatibility with the Tough System, I can recommend the Tough Case (Large) because it does not kill space needlessly.

Tough Case Connections

Tough Case Connectivity Compatibility

The compatibility of the TuffCase linkage is as follows

Top\BottomTough case (small)Tough case (medium)Tough case (large)
Tough case (small)○(2個)×
Tough case (medium)×○(2個)
Tough case (large)××

Note that the Tough Case (Medium) cannot be opened while it is connected to the Tough Case (Small).


Overall, the Tuffcase was a uniquely excellent parts box for organizing.

The ability to connect the necessary cases together when taking them out to the construction site and organize the boxes according to the application is also attractive.

The compatibility with TSTAK is good, but more than that, the storage capacity is purely high, and I felt that the most attractive feature is that it can be taken out depending on the situation.


I hope this article helps you! See you soon!

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