[Review] The true value of DEWALT’s TSTAK, a toolbox specially designed for handling.



Hi, I’m Mena (@menachite),a hybrid engineer who does both mechanical and electrical work.

Today, we are going to thoroughly review a toolbox that has been on our minds for some time, DEWALT’s TSTAK series.

The DEWALT Tough System series is famous for its extremely sturdy and easy-to-pack toolboxes, but Menatech has determined that the TSTAK is not a successor to the Tough System, but a toolbox designed to fill a hole in the Tough System, which is large and difficult to maneuver. Menatech believes that the TSTAK is not a successor to the Tough System.

In this issue, we will answer the questions of what TSTAK is suited for, what it can do, and what it cannot do. In this article, we will answer these questions.

Review] The true value of DEWALT’s TSTAK, a toolbox specially designed for handling.


What is TSTAK?

In conclusion, this toolbox is particularly suited for DIY and is made for easy use in a professional setting. However, it is like an itchy toolbox that does not reach everything for professional use.

After all, the size is good. In the case of the Tough System, it is so large that a professional would have to be very enthusiastic about buying it in order to keep working hard! I would never buy a Tough System unless I was really determined to do my best in my work.
On the other hand, TSTAK is not too big, so it doesn’t look out of place in a room.
From a professional point of view, TSTAK is especially suited for sites where people frequently move from place to place while working.

A connection system similar to that of the Tough System is used. You can freely rearrange the toolboxes to create a tool stool of your choice.
And since TSTAK consists of 11 series of toolboxes, you will be able to find almost all the functions you need in a toolbox.

The TSTAK series has no drawbacks in terms of product itself, but the drawback is that TSTAK is a kind of experimental marketing toolbox, so the number of products manufactured is small, and there are many shortages and pre-priced products.
Well, the carrier wheel is too good, so as long as you can get this one, you can buy the rest that are available.


So today I’m a little curious about this toolbox; I’m going to review DEWALT’s TSTAK.

Description of each series of toolboxes

Like Tough System, TSTAK can also be stacked to create unique tool carriages.
It is a good point of TSTAK that you can enjoy finding and choosing your favorite tool box because you can fully demonstrate your own elaboration in creating an original tool cart that suits your own use.

Let us introduce you to our tool boxes.

Small box: DWST83345-1

Outside dimensions‎440 x 333 x 162 mm
Inside dimensions395 x 275 x 135 mm


Outside dimensions‎440 x 333 x 302 mm
Inside dimensions395 x 275 x 135 mm

The spec sheet bugs me about the height, but I think it is with the toolbox inside and the tote bag, so the actual height inside is about 250mm.

It is the largest and most compact toolbox in the series of toolboxes.

A rechargeable drill or jigsaw can fit in it, but it looks like it can somehow be placed horizontally with the battery removed.

Organizer Top : DWST83344-1

outside dimensions‎440×333×185
Inside dimensions370×280×93

This is an easy-to-use tool box that combines a small accessory box and a tool box in one.

It is a tool box with an image specializing in portability, as it has handles here and there specially designed for carrying.

Since it contains urethane foam, I can use relatively small power tools such as a rechargeable drill by hollowing out the urethane foam and putting them in the lower section and putting a drill or screw in the upper section.

It is also suitable for operations that contain precision equipment, etc.

Large box with organizer: DWST83343-1

outside dimensions‎440×333×320
Inside dimensions365×270×225

This is a type of tool box with a deep box attached to the organizer mentioned earlier.

If you want to put tools in a larger capacity, this may be a good choice.

There is room for two rechargeable drills, an anchor drill, and a charger, and for DIY purposes, it could hold all power tools.

Mobile tool box : DWST83347-1

outside dimensions512 x 435 x 630 (1000 when extended)
Inside dimensions

This tool box is a combination of a tool box and a carry for transportation.

The lid of the tool box can be opened tightly.

It is mainly used for carrying other toolboxes on top of it rather than for stand-alone operation.

The disadvantage is that it cannot be opened unless the tool box on top is moved out of the way.

As for me, I think you should buy a carrier wheel rather than buying this (important).


outside dimensions‎440×315×175
Inside dimensions350×235×98

This is a drawer type tool box.

It is a single level, but the drawer height is about 100mm, so it can hold some large items.

A dedicated organizer is included for easy sorting. Thank goodness for this!

2-drawer: DWST17804

outside dimensions‎440×315×175
Inside dimensions340×235×43

This tool box has two drawers about 50 mm high, and the drawers are shallower than the single-drawer type mentioned earlier.

Also note that this is a tool box that does not come with an organizer, but rather dividers to sort the tools.

Organizer: DWST82968-1

outside dimensions‎440×333×119
inside dimensions

This is a tool box for small items.

It comes with organizers in a variety of shapes so you can make it into your own personalized accessory box.

Explanation of Options

We have come up with a number of optional items to operate TSTAK’s toolbox conveniently.

Frankly speaking, these options are so excellent that it would be meaningless to own TSTAK without them.

Without them, you will not be able to feel the charm of TSTAK, so please check them thoroughly.

Carrier wheel: DWST17889

Honestly, I think TSTAK’s potential is so excellent that I think it can be summed up in this guy.

Those of you who can guess by this image will have noticed … yes! This thing makes any TSTAK tool box mobile.

This is a very good thing. It can be used as a cart or a chair that can change the height of the tool box.

This is very useful when you work in the same place for a long time.

Tool trolleys are often idle when they are working, but this trolley is not as big as the Tough System, so it is excellent for carrying a toolbox into tight spaces and can also be used as a chair on the spot.

When used as a chair, the rollers make it easy to change posture to some extent. Yes, it’s a god.

I want to buy TSTAK just to use this. I highly recommend it.

Tough Case Series

This parts box can be connected to the TSTAK series.
This series is a separate article as the contents are quite rich.

Please check it out if you are interested.

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