How to choose a set of Tool belt for electricians! We recommend Tajima and KNICKS.


Many people do not know what kind of waist pouch electricians often wear, and what kind to choose.

In this article, I will introduce some recommended Tool belt for electricians.

My introduction of waist bags can be found in this article, so please take a peek if you like.

製造業で働く現役電気工事士の腰袋を紹介します! | MENATECH どうも、 機械と電気の両方をこなすハイブリッドエンジニア、メナ(@menachite)です。 僕は機械組立の作業もするので、どちらにも対応できる各腰袋が着脱式の装備にしていま...

A waist pouch is a tool that allows tools to be carried around the waist.

It is an indispensable tool for electricians, as it eliminates the need to spread tools out on a desk or to carry tools by hand when working at heights.

It is also a very effective tool for improving efficiency in carpentry and machine assembly.


As an electrician myself, I have compiled a list of recommended waist bags.
The conclusion is that you can’t go wrong if you choose Tajima or Nix.
The reasons are described below, so please refer to them.


Composition of Tool belt

The tool belt consists mainly of a belt, support belt, and tool belt, with additional harnesses and safety belts added for work at heights.

Often neglected by beginners is the support belt. This is a kind of cushioning material between the belts that distributes the load so that the back is not overloaded when working for long periods of time.

Start by choosing a support belt that can firmly reduce the load on your back for a long and healthy working life.

Support belt

Tajima’s support belt for harnesses

If you plan to work at heights, choose a Tajima support belt.

It is a bit pricey, but it is designed to be installed with Tajima’s genuine harnesses.

The cushioning is also firm, so you can work very comfortably.

SKⅡ’s support belt if you choose by cosmetics

For those who want a well-made but inexpensive product, we recommend SKII’s support belt.

D-rings are attached at various places so that an external harness can be attached later.


Safety belts are belts with buckles designed to withstand the impact of a fall.

There are two types of safety belts with buckles.

There are two types of safety belts with buckles: belts with one-touch detachable buckles and familiar belts that are secured through a hole.

Menatech recommends belts that are not one-touch detachable.

The one-touch type is certainly more convenient, but it is less adaptable to changes in clothing or body shape, as the belt length must be adjusted each time the wearer changes.

Another concern is that they are more expensive than conventional types.

If you need to remove the waist tool frequently, you may choose the one-touch type.

waist belt

Fujii Denko’s standard body belt.

One-touch detachable belt

One-touch detachable belts are also introduced.

Cost-effective one-touch detachable belt with safety belt

It is a set with a safety belt.


Waist bags are used to carry tools, but the shape of the waist bag differs depending on the application. Use the one that matches the tool.

The waist pouch listed below is all you need. You can buy more if you want.

Hipsacks to be prepared

  1. Pen driver holder
  2. Stepped tool bag
  3. Tool carabiner holder
  4. Crimping Pliers Holder
  5. Pliers & screwdriver holder
  6. Holder
  7. Dust Cup
  8. Measure Holder

There are so many manufacturers that offer waist bags to hold rechargeable drills and tools. Basically, you can’t go wrong if you choose Tajima or Nix.

The main reasons for recommending Tajima are the wide variety of waist bags and the convenience of being easily available at stores such as Hodaka.

Tajima also has a one-touch detachable feature called “SEF,” which allows you to remove tools that you do not need.

Since waist bags tend to be heavy, being able to remove unneeded tools is an excellent advantage because it does not put a burden on the waist.

Nix has many waist bags with a high degree of perfection, and they are deeply rooted in popularity among craftsmen who are very particular about their work.

Nix is the only company that offers waist bags made of light and strong ballistic nylon.

This is a major reason for the basic livelihood of the company.

Tool belt set recommended for first-time tool belt buyers.

First-time tool belt buyers may not know what to buy.

Nix has come out with a set that allows you to easily get the feel of a waist pouch for that demographic.

It is a waist bag with a small pouch and a rechargeable screwdriver.

These two have hooks that hook onto belts and can be easily attached to the belt you are wearing.

They are also equipped with a detent so they do not come off so easily.

It is a little tricky to attach and detach, but once you get used to it, it is not that difficult.

The combination with “F-43”, a holder by Tsuchigyu Sangyo, allows you to attach it to the safety belt and set the optimum height for taking out the belt.

Even when the waist pouch and belt are removed, the holder can freely change angles to prevent the contents of the waist pouch from turning over and falling out.

It can also be used to secure an impact driver or a finger clip.


I use these three items because they are handy and easy to maneuver!

Tajima’s waist bag

Tajima’s waist pouch features a cuff so that it can be attached and detached.

There are advantages such as the ease of changing the set of waist pouch according to the scene and easing the burden on the waist.

Pen driver holder

Removable pendola holder.

multi-pocket pouch

It is a large bag and can hold everything, so if I am in trouble, I put it in here.

Tool carabiner holder

It is very versatile and useful for hooking up strapping bands, tools, and other items.

Crimping Pliers Holder

Waist bag for two crimping tools

Stripper Holder

This is a waist bag for strippers. You may put it in a larger bag, but if you use it frequently and really need it, you should buy one.

measure holder

The measure is sold in a set with a ceph.

NICKS waist bag

Nix waist bags are made in a wide variety of designs and materials.

Leather, polyester, and nylon are available, and there is a wide range of customization that allows you to create your own waist pouch as much as your money allows, such as fishing the waist pouch down with a chain or changing the height of the chain to take out the pouch.

Prices vary widely from model to model, so we will present the standard ones here.

Note that the knicks are basically attached directly through the belt and cannot be removed later.

There are also kits available that can be customized and detached, which can be purchased separately.

Pen driver holder

This Pen driver holder is easy to remove without jamming.

multi-pocket pouch

This is a larger waist bag from Nix. It also comes with a tape hooker.

Crimping Pliers Holder

Holder for crimping pliers, holds up to two pliers.

Pliers & screwdriver holder

This set includes pliers and a screwdriver.

Garbage cup

Garbage bin. It is very useful when you have it.


Accessories for knicks. Belt loops secure the waist bag in any belt position.

Buy as needed.

Useful Accessories

There are some items that are not waist bags but are very useful if you have them.

These are tape hookers and bit holders. I will introduce those two items as well.

tape hooker

It is literally a hook to hook and place masking tape or vinyl tape. It is easy to install anywhere and goes well with various waist bags.

There are two types of tape hookers, ring type and bar type, but the usage is the same for both. There is only a slight difference in the way of hooking. I recommend the bar type.

bit holder

A bit holder is a tool for temporarily holding the drill or bit used with an electric screwdriver or rechargeable drill.


A waist pouch that suits your purpose is a tool that kills two birds with one stone, increasing work efficiency and reducing the burden on your body.

Craftsmen’s pouch is cool and attractive.

It is not a bad idea to enjoy a long life as a craftsman by making a pouch of your choice.

We hope you find it helpful in making your own waist pouch.